Big Data

Big Data defined as 3V Variety (the nature of data), Velocity (the speed at which data change over time) and volumes (the volume of data to collect, store and process) Gartner Goup. But this concept is misunderstood in some industries as it provides solutions where conventional computational approaches have failed. According to analysts, we are witnessing a growth of 30 billion devices by 2020. This growth does not necessarily mean increased data but may be a direct relationship between the two. Hadoop (hardware and software system able to meet the needs and demands of Big Data) provides technical and economic solutions to these data problems more Peta-bytes to implement analysis solutions, risk management, detection fraud, targeting or improved decision making. Wenesis role is to provide simple solutions to organizations whose strategy focuses on the quantity and quality of data. Our experts are certified Cloudera Big Data and provide real added value throughout the chain.

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